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Mission: More and Better Disciples

[fa icon="calendar'] Thu, May 31, 2012 @ 03:21 PM / by Timberlake Church posted in Timberlake Church, Disciples, blog, ministry, Redmond, commitment

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At Timberlake Church, as with any growing and healthy church, we have a very specific mission, which is to: “Create More and Better Disciples of Jesus Christ.” 

The reality is, every church or organization has begun with a mission or vision to accomplish a great goal, but unfortunately hasn’t always been able to stay on track. This could be due to “scope creep,” conflicting visions, or even “well intentioned” programs that can dilute the primary mission that God has called us to. So over the next few weeks I want to look at how we, as a church, can ensure that we’re fulfilling God’s mission for Timberlake.

To begin I want to look at God’s word to locate any precedence or foundation for our discussion. I believe that as you read through the Bible, what you’re going to discover (especially in the book of Acts) is that the EARLY CHURCH was definitely “ON MISSION.” They were dangerous!  You’ll read about how they took risks, how thousands of lives were being changed, how miracles were taking place, and how relationships we’re being restored. It’s an amazing picture of what the church is supposed to look like today!

Unfortunately, (like many churches today) the Early Church, VERY QUICKLY got derailed.  So the question is “WHY?” 

Let’s start figuring out the answer to that question by looking at the book of Revelation.  Now, I know that some people get a little “weirded out” when they look at the “Blackhawk helicopter…barcode on your forehead….antichrist” book of the Bible, right?  Somehow we’ve been led to believe that Revelation is all about stocking up on canned goods and trying to move off the grid to someplace where no one will ever find you; like Sequim. But that’s not at all what it’s about!!  In fact, if you look at the very first verse in the book of Revelation it says: “A revelation of Jesus Christ.”  It’s a book that’s all about Jesus!  And in the first 3 chapters of Revelation, you’ll find a section of scripture where Jesus is speaking specifically to 7 different churches, giving them very specific instructions, encouragement and correction. 

My hope is that, this week, you’ll open your Bibles to the book of Revelation and start reading the first 3 chapters to see what Jesus is instructing us to do as the body of Christ. Starting next week, I’ll start outlining some of what Jesus was saying. 

Happy Reading!!!

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