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Creating a New Normal

[fa icon="calendar'] Fri, Sep 27, 2013 @ 02:52 PM / by Timberlake Church posted in Timberlake Church, Friends, grace, community, Encouragement, Groups

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Yesterday I arrived at church at 8am to check on how things were going with an event set-up. I left at 4:15pm to grab one of my kids from volleyball, arrived home to cook up some chicken legs and potatoes, answered a couple of homework questions, listened to the family debrief over dinner, and went back to work for an evening event. I pulled into our driveway just in time to laugh with my family over the day’s stories before bedtime. The winning vignette involved baby carrots, braces and the Heimlich maneuver. My husband calls this the “new normal" - the balancing of priorities we do, now that we both have full time jobs.

I’ve just passed my one year anniversary in ministry at Timberlake. There have been some amazing moments in which I've seen God’s handiwork. There have been hard times which I can thankfully see God overcoming. This past week has been difficult emotionally and I haven’t slept much.

My friend Cindy and I tried out a new exercise class on Monday followed by coffee that grew cold as we shared our spiritual challenges over the past week. As we talked, she astutely reminded me: the Enemy wants to highlight my failures. I left restored and focused on Jesus. And that night I slept long and deeply.

I am hugely grateful for a handful of girlfriends, my prayer partners, whom I’ve acquired over the years. Most are bible study gals who’ve stuck long after the study ended, and I’ve formed friendships with a few new ladies since joining the team at Timberlake. These are the people I can be real with, people who listen confidentially, offer biblical advice, pray for me (and I for them), and recognize my habit of not giving myself grace. Yet, it would be sad to think that God has nothing more for me. I still need to actively seeking out new relationships. If I’m not moving outward, well … I’m not moving. God has more designed for all of us; we just need to not hold back. Whatever the excuse, it keeps us from the connections that make life better. 

It’s time for me to commit to a new Growth Group for fall. I'm signing up today. I need it too much, not to do it. I want this to be my “new normal."

Madelyn Jansma
Director of Groups & Care 

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Exciting Things are Happening...

[fa icon="calendar'] Fri, Sep 06, 2013 @ 12:36 PM / by Timberlake Church posted in Timberlake, Growth Groups, fellowship, Church, community

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We have some exciting things planned at Timberlake this fall.  The church staff and leadership team have been working hard and prayerfully preparing to make the coming weeks and months an incredible experience for our regular attenders and new guests.  

I want to take a moment to highlight some changes and opportunities…

  • On September 7/8 we are having a “Back to School Bash.”  We will have carnival rides for the kids and some good food following our 11:30am service on Sunday. 

  • This fall we have 4 services in Redmond.  Saturday evening at 5:30pm and new service times on Sunday morning – 9:00, 10:15, and 11:30am.  We believe this will allow more people to attend Timberlake this fall than ever before!

  • Growth Groups and Classes – This is a great time of year to get connected.  Whether you have been attending Timberlake a few weeks, or a few years, we believe everyone can benefit from joining a Growth Group.  Group signups begin September 8 and Groups launch three weeks later starting September 29.

  • New message series, “You Make Me Crazy,” starts September 14/15.  Everyone has a “crazymaker” in their life.  Whether it’s your spouse, friend, or boss, join us for our new series where we will learn how to deal with the crazymakers in our life.  


We have had an incredible summer as we witnessed so many people take their next right step and experience life change. You won't want to miss what God has in store for you and your family in this next season. Please join us this weekend as we kick-off, what I know will be, an amazing fall!  

Pastor Ben

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Community and Connection

[fa icon="calendar'] Sat, Jun 15, 2013 @ 12:40 PM / by Timberlake Church posted in faith, Timberlake, summer, Service, Father's Day, community, People

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When I examine Scripture it become apparent that biblical community has a number of characteristics.  Some of them are love for one another (John 13:34-35), peace between each other (Mark 9:50), hospitality (1 Peter 4:9), care (Galatians 6:2), encouragement (1 Thess 4:18), and service (1 Peter 4:10).  
This summer at Timberlake we’re going to focus on connection and community.  We have some great ways for all of us to get better connected and to continue to thrive as a church body.  Here are just a few…  
  • Father's Day "Mansome" weekend - this weekend June 15 & 16
  • Vacation Bible School, Sports and Arts Camps:
     - July 15-19 (Redmond)
     - July 30-August 2 (Issaquah)
  • Summer Growth Groups starting the week of July 21
  • GO Tacoma Mission Project, August 12-15
 I would encourage you to be part of at least a couple of these – make some new friends, connect a little better with Jesus and with other people.  It’s a great season as summer unfolds and we get the chance to be together.

Thank you for being a part of Timberlake Church – may God bless you beyond what you can imagine!  
In Christ,
Pastor Ben 
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Building Hope...

[fa icon="calendar'] Wed, Oct 10, 2012 @ 06:01 PM / by Timberlake Church posted in Disciples, faith, Everyone, Church, community, Building Hope, message series, evangelism

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describe the imageJoin us beginning October 20th/21st for our new message series 'Building Hope." You won't want to miss a weekend...
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Glory Days

[fa icon="calendar'] Wed, Jun 27, 2012 @ 01:51 PM / by Timberlake Church posted in Timberlake Church, following God, hope, Everyone, community, daily devotional, direction, honoring God

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This past weekend my wife and I and a bunch of our friends from college went to a wedding. Events like these are often so fun-- old friends, acquaintances you haven't seen in a while, and leaning over and asking your wife the name of a person you can't remember as they walk up to you. This wedding was especially great, since a group of awesome guys I lived with for two years were all coming into town for the wedding. I was reminded seeing them all again how important it is to surround yourself with people who challenge you, encourage, and make you laugh (Prov 13:20). But, that's not what this post is about.  

The wedding was in Spokane, and so on the four hour drive over, we had nothing but time to reminisce as we drove over the pass, through the metropolis of Ellensburg, and through Adams County (in case you didn't know, the nations' leading potato producing county). 

It was amazing how for almost the entire car ride there, our full car was filled with conversations about what life was like when we didn't have much responsibility, and the possibilities were limitless. And as we were laughing til we couldn't breathe and munching gas station snacks, I couldn't help but reflect on how often my spirituality and faith in Jesus Christ leans this way. How so often, I look back on a few years ago, and think, "Those were the days!" 

Something Krissa (my awesome wife) and I have always talked about, is the idea that we never want our best days spiritually to be in the past, how we always want to look toward to future and ask, "What is the Lord challenging us to do?" For those of you reading this post, whatever stage of life you're at, I would encourage you to ask the same question. Maybe you're reading this and you're a young family, and you think there's absolutely no way we have time for God to use us. I'm confident God can. Or maybe you're retired, enjoying life, and figuring out where you're going to have dinner over breakfast-- I'm confident your best days aren't in the past. And maybe you're somewhere in the middle, caught somewhere between "things could not be any better" and "things didn't work out quite like I planned". I hope you'd be open to the idea that God wants to use you, that you can be closer to Jesus than you've ever been, and that God might be challenging you to do something great for His Kingdom in this season. 


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