• To hold a spot pay $250, this will go towards your camp tuition.
  • Sign your child up for only 2 days, or more, or for the week.

For a summer that your kids won't forget register them now for one to six weeks of camp hosted here at Timberlake Church. These camps are run through our school program with all of our highly trained school staff. Each camp week has a theme and is packed full with: art, sports, science, cooking and academic enrichment activities. 

(Camp options for children 3 to 12 years of age)

Camp Sessions

Session 1: June 26-June 30 Amazing Race: Get your teamwork hat on because this week you will need it to complete scavenger hunts and other group challenges. Students will also learn about and build various modes of transportation including planes and rockets! Additionally, they will learn how to work in small groups to construct a variety of exciting projects. We will also be learning lots of fun lessons about leadership and how to work as a team during this week of camp!

Session 2: July 3-7 (closed July 4th) Red, White & Blue: Are you ready for the 4th of July? Here at Timberlake we are going to celebrate the country’s birthday by recognizing Veterans, learning about our country’s freedom and exploring the traditions of the 4th of July. Join us for a baseball game, picnic in the park and 4th of July art projects.

(July 10-21 VBS & Sports and Arts Camp for more information see our website

Session 3: July 24-28 Pirates and Princesses: This week we will explore the princess or pirate within. During this magical week, we will build pirate ships and castles as well as get in touch with our engineering side. We will go on scavenger hunts around the campus and there will be prizes for the winning team! Be ready to dress up Friday for our costume challenge too!

Session 4: July 31- Aug 4 Superheroes: Grab your cap and mask and find your inner superhero. This week will bring the action of superheroes to life. Join us to create your own superhero character!  You will design everything from the appearance of your superhero, their powers and even the story line. Campers will get a chance to act out their character’s story and we will talk about the valuable lessons we can learn from each of our characters.

Session 5: Aug 7-11 Forest Rangers and Mountain Hikers: Put on your hiking boots and fill up your canteen, because this week we will be enjoying the summer weather with an abundance of outdoor activities! A walk through the local woods to collect items from nature is just a taste of the fun we will have. Have you ever wanted to learn survival skills? This week is your chance!

Session 6: Aug 14-18 Disney Camp: Do you love Disneyland and truly believe it is the happiest place on earth? Well if you do, this week of camp is for you! Join us for a week where we will explore the magic of Disney from the comfort of Timberlake! Join us for our costume contest on Friday and come dressed as your favorite Disney character!

Camp Schedule:

Our normal camp day hours are 9:00am-4:00pm. We do have early drop-off (8:00am) and extended-day (6:00pm) options which are included in your regular tuition. 

Stay At Timberlake Schedule

8:00-10:00 Drop off/ Morning Snack

10:00-11:00 Club Activity #1

11:00-12:00 Club Activity #2

12:00-1:00 Lunch/ Recess

1:00-2:00 Bounce Houses/Water Play Rotation

2:00-3:00 Club Activity #3

3:00-4:00 Club Activity #4

4:00-6:00 Afternoon Snack/ Recess/Pick up

Field Trip Day Schedule

8:00-10:00 Drop off/ Morning Snack

10:00-11:00 Club Activity #1

11:00-12:00 Club Activity #2

12:00-1:00 Lunch/ Recess

1:00-2:00 Leave for Field Trip

2:00-3:00 Field Trip

3:00-4:00 Arrive back from Field Trip

4:00-6:00 Afternoon Snack/ Recess/Pick up


Clubs Included in all Camp Sessions:

Sports Club: Some of the sports we offer are capture the flag, soccer, dodgeball, basketball, kickball and much more! In this club, students will remain active and have fun doing so! Students learn how to work with one another to help their team succeed.

Cooking and Science Club: Students will cook, bake and experiment their way through this club activity. With a wide variety of experiments and cooking activities, students will stay very engaged! They will learn the mysteries of science through hands-on activities including sticky slime, building catapults and making chemical reactions fizz as well as the joys of cooking through many hands-on lessons throughout each week.

Art and Weekly Theme Club: Paint, stitch, cut, tape, trace, sketch. Art club encourages kids to think “outside the box” using a variety of materials. This club allows children to expand their own creativity beyond what they will learn in the classroom. We will also explore other topics that include the weekly camp theme. Kids will be encouraged to think outside the box in how each theme relates to the world around them.

Power Hour: This club is designed in order to help your child succeed and grow in confidence in their education. TAS teachers support students with time-management, study skills and summer homework. Over the summer we will keep their brains fresh through reading, writing and math activities.

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