"Finding after school care that meets the needs of each family can be tough.  Thankfully, we found Timberlake After School!  Over the past two years in the Timberlake After School community, we've found the office staff and teachers to be friendly, attentive and really considerate of our kids.  Timberlake After School is a reliable, safe place for our children to have fun (great playgrounds and engaging activities) and continue learning (homework or reading).  Timberlake After School's communications of closures and additional offerings during break are very helpful and timely.  I would highly recommend Timberlake After School! (as well as their summer camps too!). "

The Benzels.


“I consider Timberlake After School as an extension to our family.  The loving environment that they provide to our children has exceeded my expectations.  Not only are my kids happy attending and have fun, but I am content knowing that my child is in an after school program that creates an atmosphere where they are learning by example and growing in Christ Jesus.  I am pleased with the things that they share with me as a result of their experience at TAS. ”
- Carla H.

“I have watched my daughter thrive and bloom this year from being part of such a wonderful experience. Thanks to Julia and the great team at Timberlake for always putting the needs of our children and enriching their lives.”
- Marie H.


“We have felt so blessed to have found the Timberlake After School program.  Our family – particularly our children - have had such positive experiences with the teachers, the classrooms, the activities,  the curriculum and the loving support. It puts my mind and heart at ease knowing my children are in such wonderful, trustworthy hands.“
- Jennie B.


"My daughter loves going to Timberlake After School care. She's excited to go everyday. The staff is extremely attentive and engaged  with her and her classmates. They genuinely  care about each and every student, and it shows. TAS is very organized and well run. As a parent, I'm always impressed by the way the staff schedule the childrens' afternoon with fun filled educational activities, and still are totally accessible and available to keep me informed of what's happening. They are always planning ahead, and keep the parents well informed.  The tutoring sessions can't be beat! The program is top notch. We are so blessed to be a part of this exceptional after school program."
- Lara O.


“As a working parent, I cannot express how important it is to have peace of mind that my child is in a loving and fun environment when at Timberlake After School. There is structure and organization with the various clubs and activities, while also allowing the children the choice to participate in things that meet their interests. My son loves attending so much that he doesn’t want to leave when I pick him up. I highly recommend the program, it is truly a blessing to find such a wonderful atmosphere and staff to look after my child.”
- Eileen L.


“We're products of our environment, as they say, and with that in mind, it was of the utmost of importance that our daughter be surrounded, led, taught, and supported by solid people (both teachers and peers) in the hours we're not with her. We've had nothing but trust and confidence in her time spent at TAS. They've created a fun, safe, and educational program that has enhanced our daughter's life experience, in what are shaping years for a child's view of themselves, as well as their world view. We're so fortunate to be a part of the TAS family”
- Lane G.