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INDIA | January 2019 (click for promo video)

The Christian Church in India is growing rapidly throughout the nation. In January 2019, we will have the opportunity to be a part of all that God is already doing. We will be spending valuable time with children in orphanages and work with Immanuel University in Hyderabad by hosting a Pastors and Leadership Conference for hundreds of local pastors. We also have a unique honor to dedicate a church in Bombay that Timberlake has been the sole sponsor in making happen!

If you’re interested in being a part of this new trip or you’d like more information: CLICK HERE
You can directly contact our Missions Pastor with any questions.  


COSTA RICA | April 2019 (Family Mission Trip)

During the 2019 Spring Break, why not bring your entire family to Costa Rica as we partner with Homes of Hope? We will be building a house for a family in need and engage in a variety of local ministries to care for the people of Costa Rica. This will be the first of two family mission trips happening this year. Come and see what a difference your family can make!



The Korean peninsula has been divided for more than 70 years. But God has been working throughout those years and now we get to join God in His work. During this trip, we will help run an English camp for North Korean teens and young adults that defected into South Korea. The English camp is in Seoul, South Korea, and will provide students with an opportunity to understand God’s love through friendship with our team. Join us for this eye-opening trip!
You can directly contact our Missions Pastor with any questions. 

MEXICO | August 2019 (Family Mission Trip)

We have an amazing opportunity to do a Family Mission Trip to Tijuana. This will be our second family mission trip this year! We will serve in orphanages, nursing homes, participate in a Vacation Bible School with a local church and also build a home for a family in need. We will have numerous opportunities to show Jesus’ love in tangible ways and be an encouragement to them. Best of all, we get to do this with our own families! It will be a week your family will never forget!

You can directly contact our Missions Pastor with any questions. 


In tandem with our missions trips we also offer Timberlake's live stream services to all countries and territories in which we visit and serve. Visit our Online Campus anytime during the week to view our most recent service, or join us live on Sundays at 9:45 and 11:15am PT. Our mission with Timberlake Online is to not only further reach our local Americans, but to also spread the word of God to the entire world. ONLINE.TIMBERLAKECHURCH.COM is available in all of the countries listed below, but also in all English speaking countries: Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, and more. For any questions regarding Timberlake Online please email our Online Campus Pastor. 


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