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Do you want to develop the skills and experience for full-time ministry?

Residency at Timberlake will provide you with practical opportunities to grow in leadership and build your resume for a long and sustainable future in ministry.

This is a two year program focused on developing the soft skills you can’t learn in seminary. Time management, building a team, self-awareness, and communication are a few of the skills we will help you develop during your time in the residency.

By the end of the two year program you will have:

  • Taken the lead in building and developing a volunteer team
  • Overseen at least one ministry environment on a staff level
  • Led meetings collaborating with the staff team at Timberlake
  • Made networking connections that will stay valuable in ministry
  • Had opportunities to grow in your preferred skill area (teaching, music, production)
  • Grow in a variety of practical skills through coaching from a staff supervisor
  • Crafted a ministry resume and prepared for interviews and application processes

The program lasts two years during which time Timberlake may provide you with housing and reimbursement for living expenses. The time commitment is flexible, but typically 30-40 hours a week. You may find part time employment or continue education during the residency if you wish.


About Timberlake Church

Timberlake Church is a multi-campus church in Washington State with a vision of making more and better disciples of Jesus.

Our weekly church attendance is over 3,000 across three physical locations and an online campus. The Children’s ministry team is world class and has an emphasis on reaching new families through outstanding events. Student program follows the same model of Sunday’s and small groups to reach students through a traditional student ministry model. Our services are designed to be “no weird stuff” environments that make faith accessible to an unchurched audience.


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