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Our content areas contain the arts, science, math, Bible, social studies, literacy, and technology. Our goal is to support each child, and create a safe environment where children can grow academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.


Ages 2-3 years

Two year old’s have a natural desire to explore and discover all the world has to offer. In our early preschool class, we focus on hands-on-learning that turn their sense of curiosity into opportunities for learning and building confidence. We nurture each child’s inquisitiveness through play-based activities. As they investigate interest topics through literacy, math, science, and the arts, they learn to follow structure and routine.  

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Ages 3-4 years 

The preschool years are filled with discovery and investigation. In our preschool class, we work on a variety of skills that build independence, cooperation, communication, and the ability to identify and express emotions. Our emergent curriculum allows our preschoolers to explore exciting new topics that integrate into different learning centers such as math, literacy, the arts, science, and social studies.  

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Ages 4-5 years

Our prekindergarten class is designed to prepare your little one for the elementary years ahead of them. In pre-k, we immerse deeper into our Creative Curriculum by implementing Get Set For School, a program we apply to enhance writing and early literacy.  Our students are ready to engage in stimulating lesson plans that Increase communication skills, develop mathematical fluency, enhance critical thinking through scientific competencies, and engage in positive guidance that leads to social-emotional maturity.  

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