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Timberlake has a diverse, passionate team with vast experience in all areas of ministry. Feel free to reach out to us with any of your questions or concerns. We would love to connect with you!

Ashley Kayalo

Worship Leader

Ben Graf

Technical Director

Redmond Campus

Ben Sigman

Lead Pastor

Brent Wilson

Middle School Pastor

Redmond Campus

Brittany Kershner

Communications Coordinator

Cameron Gibbs

Associate Campus Pastor (Worship & Students)

Duvall Campus

Cassie Wickman

Student Ministries Intern

Redmond Campus

Charles Anderson

Worship Pastor

Chelsea Towell

Kids Ministry Director

Castle Rock Campus

Christopher Artis

Worship Leader

Dave Nelson

Teaching Pastor

Dave Strok

Creative Content Producer

David Newcomb

Communications Director

Dustin Kershner

Issaquah Community Pastor

Elizabeth Quicksall

Early Childhood Volunteer Coordinator

Redmond Campus

Erskine Currie

Renton Campus Pastor

Ethan Bowe

Online Campus Pastor

I.T. Director

Gina Odierno

Elementary Director

Redmond Campus

Hailey Mavromatis

Creative Associate

Ida Strok

Executive Assistant

Jared Cash

Duvall Campus Pastor

Jason Whitman

Assistant Videographer

Jedidiah Kim

Groups Pastor

Jeniffer Smith

Kids Ministry Director

Renton Campus

Jillian Allan

Worship Director

Redmond Campus

Jimmy Venters

Assistant Technical Director

Jon Torres

Family Ministry Pastor

Julie Konkle

Early Childhood Director

Redmond Campus

Kaiha Powell

4th-5th Grade Coordinator

Redmond Campus

Kari Halbach

Early Childhood Curriculum Coordinator

Redmond Campus

Kevin Vander Weide

Care Pastor

Kirkland Matthews

Student Ministries Pastor

Castle Rock Campus

Lisa Eames

Office and Ministries Associate

Marcia Dempsey

Kids Director

Duvall Campus

Marissa Carpentier

Administrative Assistant

Castle Rock Campus

Megan Anderson

Middle School Intern

Redmond Campus

Nancy Saturay

Finance Manager

Noah Kennedy

Technical Director

Castle Rock Campus

Olya Kovalevich

Kindergarten-1st Grade Coordinator

Redmond Campus

Paige Mowery

Student Worship Director

Redmond Campus

Patty McCarthy

HR Manager

Paul Bond

Building Maintenance

Redmond Campus

Ross Wiley

Young Adults Pastor

Ryan Hanson

Castle Rock Campus Pastor

Shaina Hanson

Worship Director

Castle Rock Campus

Shane McCroskey

Executive Pastor

Shawn Broderick

High School Pastor

Redmond Campus

Sydney Aparicio

Program Director

Timberlake Preschool

Tyler Pittis

Associate Campus Pastor

Redmond Campus

Wenny Setiawan

Graphic Designer

Zach Delano