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You never have to feel alone — even during life's most difficult times.

In a Timberlake Support Group, you’ll find caring and non-judgmental people who understand what you’re going through — because they’ve been there too. Check out the groups below that offer you an empathetic environment, where you can experience the love of God…find hope...and heal.



Financial Peace University

Don’t let your money manage you. Financial Peace University guides you with clear steps that help put YOU in charge of your finances. Attend Timberlake’s 10:15am Sunday service, then join us for this 10 week class during the 11:30am-12:30pm service. Space is limited — register now. [More

Financial Peace University (In-Person)  



We get it. We've been there. We too have been through the pain of separation...and, sadly, divorce. We know what it's like — the loss, the anger, the disbelief...the grief. But we've also experienced HEALING — and invite you to join us in the restorative and empathetic environment of DivorceCare — both in-person at Timberlake Church/Redmond and online. DivorceCare meets Tuesdays at 7-8:30pm (Pacific Time) and is offered free of charge. Please register below to join anytime during our 13-week sessions offered in the fall, winter, and spring. [More]

DivorceCare (In-Person)

DivorceCare (Online)


DivorceCare for Kids 

DC4K is offered in-person to the children of parents attending Timberlake's DivorceCare support group (Redmond). The free groups run concurrently, Tuesday evenings, from 7-8:30pm. DC4K provides kids — ages 5 through 10 or so — an empathetic and neutral environment to help them gain an age-appropriate understanding of separation and divorce. DC4K helps children process their feelings and offers them words and tools to better communicate their thoughts — as your family travels the road of healing, together. Please register below. [More]

DivorceCare for Kids (In-Person)



Timberlake’s GriefShare group is for anyone navigating the loss of a loved one — family member or friend. You’ll discover an empathetic, caring group of people who will walk alongside you, and a Bible-based program that will help comfort you…and ease your pain. Together we’ll journey toward hope and healing. You don’t have to go through this season of grief alone. Please register below to join anytime during our 13-week session, offered free of charge in the fall, winter, and spring on Tuesdays at 7pm (Pacific Time). [More]

GriefShare (In-person)

GriefShare (Online)

GriefShare (In-Person for Providence Point Residents)


Peace and Hope in the Face of Cancer

This empathetic and understanding group of people journey through their various cancer stories online, together. At the heart of it all is encouragement and faith during an incredibly challenging season; but you don't have to be a religious person to be part of it — EVERYONE is welcome. Group members typically include survivors, people going through the various stages, caregivers and supportive family members. We're currently using the book, Peace in the Face of Cancer as a guide. This recurring, 10-week group meets online every other Tuesday at 6pm (Pacific Time) — but you may join via the link below, anytime.

Peace and Hope in the Face of Cancer (Online only) 


Joy Restored

This is a group for anyone experiencing anxiety/depression…and wants more out of life. Joy Restored offers an understanding, caring and empathetic online environment, where we talk about what we’re going through, and filter our experiences through the lens of biblical wisdom. We also explore the stories of real women and men in the Bible, who also struggled with anxiety/depression. While this is not a therapeutic, medical, or counseling group, Joy Restored does offer a weekly space where we can check-in and share our stories…as we navigate the path of healing and hope that only God can provide. Joy Restored is led by a former family therapist and is offered free of charge. Register below to jump-in anytime during our various 10-week sessions, offered throughout the year.

Joy Restored (Online Tuesdays at 7pm)

Joy Restored (Online Wednesday at 11:30am)