Timberlake Kidz

Programming for early elementary children

Every campus, every service!

First time to Timberlake? Learn how you'll check in your kids

Plan to arrive ten or fifteen minutes early on your first visit. At any of our campuses, look for the "First Time Kids Check In" signs.

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For your first visit, your child will get a nametag and a numbered wristand. You will get a matching wristband to claim your child after service.  At each kids' room, please sign in your child and write down your cell phone number. 

Upon your next visit, you will be able to print out a nametag and matching claim check from our database for each child.  We verify parents for kids of birth through early elementary school.

Safety at Timberlake Kidz

We know how precious kids are! We strive to make our Kidz programs safe and fun so you can enjoy service, knowing your children are in good hands.

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Following are some of our safety precautions:

  • routine background checks of all volunteers, ages 18+
  • adult-to-child ratios designed to meet or exceed state standards
  • "two adult rule" for the safety of both kids and grown-ups
  • handwashing/sanitizing done after bathroom visits, sneezing or coughing, and before any snacks
  • toys sanitized between services with child-safe, eco-friendly cleaner
  • supervisory staff trained in CPR & First Aid

Timberlake Kidz

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Timberlake Kidz provides a fun, safe and nuturing environment where children learn

  • God made me
  • God loves me
  • Jesus wants to be my friend forever 

Kids are excited to be at Timberlake! We use media, storytelling, art, music and movement to help kids connect with Jesus and learn about the Bible with age-appropriate teaching.  Most of our campuses host preschool or afterschool care, so there's lots of educational, fun and interactive toys for your child to enjoy. Each weekend, you will be provided with take-home material to guide your conversation. 

Timberlake Family Life

We know how much your kids mean to you, and how you want the very best for them. Timberlake partners with parents, providing a variety of resources and support. For more information, click here.

Why does my kid always want to go to TImberlake?

Timberlake's Kidz Staff believes in an active, hands-on approach to learning with kids. We believe that children learn more when they are having fun. Biblical truth will always be taught in context to the joy that God intends for us to experience when we are in relationship with Him. 

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In our Birth through Toddler rooms, we want even our littlest ones to sense that they are safe and people care for them.

You can count on jumping, singing, and laughter in our Preschool rooms. There are crafts and toys for every child, Screened volunteers enjoy interacting over race cars and play-dough. A brief weekly video captures kids' attention, and multiple activities and discussions make the themes and Biblical truths relevant and memorable. Children find that church is a fun place where they learn about Jesus through playtime, art, skits and stories. These kids are ready for Bible verses, especially when combined with lots of movement or sign language.