Our staff are highly-qualified, nurturing teachers committed to guiding the children as they develop self-confidence, self-expression, self-control, responsibility, and the ability to be self-directed.  The teachers plan and create lessons using well-respected curriculum resources.

Handwriting Without Tears is a multi-sensory technique for letter building and recognition.  It is highly regarded as the best handwriting curriculum available for young learners.

Zoo Phonics is a multisensory language arts program.  It a playful and concrete method of maximizing understanding, memory, utilization and transference to all areas of the reading, spelling and writing process.

Arena Sports Lil' Kickers - Soccer

Spanish is taught in our classes each week.

Bible Curriculum - We plan and implement theme-based lessons incorporating introductory academic skill development, social skill development (playing cooperatively, following classroom rules, listening to directions) and spiritual development (learning about God’s love, Bible stories/principles).  We incorporate a fine balance of teacher-directed, guided learning along with child-directed opportunities to explore the classroom environment and choose learning center activities.  Circle time involves singing and student participation followed by a short period of well-planned, teacher-directed learning time.  Studies show preschool children learn best through play and TCP students have these opportunities as they explore developmentally-appropriate learning centers each day.  Learning Centers with 2-week themes are the core of our Early Preschool program.  

Dramatic Play, Music, Art and Outdoor Play are all essential in a healthy preschool learning environment.  Our preschoolers regularly participate in creative projects, dress-up time, music & movement and playground fun.


Child Development

The early years are an important period of development. During these early years, children learn best through active, engaged, meaningful experiences. Through these experiences, young children construct their own knowledge by interacting with their environments and others. Researchers and educators agree that quality early care and education provides an invaluable foundation for later school and work success.

School Readiness

School readiness is a multidimensional concept. A child's readiness for school is not simply a matter of alphabet knowledge, or other predominantly cognitive accomplishments. Important as those are, readiness also includes social-emotional abilities, approaches to learning (i.e., curiosity), and communication skills, as well as motor development and physical health. Ongoing research continues to confirm the need to think about children's readiness for school as multi-faceted.