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Who We Are

Timberlake Christian Preschool provides care for children from 2 years to 5 years old in a loving and supportive environment that is licensed by the Department of Early Learning.

Our Philosophy

  • Learning is enhanced when children are actively involved and encouraged to make choices.

  • Children learn best in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Children learn and develop at their own rate and in their own style.

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Our PreSchool Staff

Sydney Aparicio

Program Director

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Elyse Korwel

Lead Preschool Teacher

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Yaritza Casas

Lead Early Preschool Teacher

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Natalie Lombard

Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

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Leiann Shaw

Substitute Teacher

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Olga Ryakhovskaya

Assistant Program Director

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In our Early Preschool classrooms, the children are introduced to an emerging curriculum with topics based on their individual interests. As they investigate the topic through music, movement, art, small group instruction, and free play the children are also encouraged to follow a group routine and learn to interact with peers their age. 

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In our Preschool classrooms, the children are introduced to an overreaching topic for investigation and discovery. The topic is presented to the children through a morning circle, small group instruction, free play, enriched interactions, and the classroom’s environment. Our curriculum connects the topic study with math, science, literacy, social studies, and the arts.

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As our young children progress into the Pre K classroom, they begin the journey of learning the language of elementary school. The Pre K classes implement Get Set for School, the preschool program of Learning Without Tears which includes developmentally appropriate strategies for writing and early literacy.

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